Soccer 4 Predictions

Soccer 4 is a popular prediction betting game in South Africa. At Bettingodds we provide you with the best soccer 4 predictions and betting tips. We analyse all the soccer games and provide you with the best weekend and midweek predictions.

Soccer 4 Tips

Sun 19 Sep - S4 V1 P3

Betting Opens: Sun 19 Sep
Closes: Sun 19 Sep 18:00
M1Hellas Verona vs Roma
M2Real Betis vs Espanyol
M3Juventus vs AC Milan
M4Valencia vs Real Madrid

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Soccer 4 Fixtures and Results

To find out the latest and up to date soccer 4 fixtures and results, please visit the soccer 4 website.

Soccer 4 Tips

Soccer 4 pools take place every day. Therefore we update our predictions everyday so that you never miss out on your chance to win big. We analyse key statistics, form and many more key factors to give you the best possible predictions. 

Some key factors we take into account when making predictions:

  • Check out our latest soccer 4 predictions on our website
  • Research the teams betting odds to determine who the favourite team to win is
  • Research teams current form
  • Make sure key players are not injured
  • Look at the League table
  • Check teams H2H results

Soccer 4 Predictions for Today and Tomorrow

Bettingodds always aims to bring you quality soccer predictions. we update our predictions everyday so that you can have your predictions ready for today. We also update our soccer predictions in advance so that you can predict for tomorrow and the days after that.

How to play Soccer 4

This is how Soccer 4 works: To win, you must predict the results of the four matches in the Soccer 4 pool. In each match, one team is designated Team A and the other Team B. There are six results to choose from in each of the four matches (M1, M2, M3, M4):

  • Team A win by difference of only 1 goal (1-0; 3-2; 4-3; 5-4; 6-5 etc)
  • Team A win by difference of 2 goals of more (2-0; 3-1; 4-1; 5-0; 6-3 etc)
  • No-score draw (0-0 only)
  • Score draw (1-1; 2-2; 3-3; 4-4 etc)
  • Team B win by difference of only 1 goal
  • Team B win by difference of 2 goals or more

Cost of Play

A single entry (one choice per match) costs R6 and the cost of a multiple entry is R6 per combination. Simply total the number of choices you have made in each of the four matches and multiply them out. Then multiply that total by six to get the total cost in rands.


You choose 2 options per match. That’s 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16 x 6 = R96.
You choose 3 options in M1; 2 options in M2; 4 options in M3 and 1 in M4. That’s 3 x 2 x 4 x 1 = 24 x 6 = R144